From design to production passing by our fabric suppliers, the entire process is carried out on Swiss soil.

We wish to offer our customers high quality clothing made in the best working conditions.

Every detail is taken care of, we test all our products, wash the fabrics to make sure that once the product is shipped, it has no chance to come back.


First of all, because we were born in Switzerland and have always lived there.

Secondly, we want to bring the Swiss label to the world: Quality work, the importance of the values of our country as well as our professional conscience and excellence.

Moreover, by producing everything in Switzerland, we can have complete control over the raw materials used.


We are convinced that we can all make a difference on our own scale and it starts internally.

Each step of the production process is very important for WHITEPAGE.

WHITEPAGE’s greatest wish is to enable each person who works and will work for WHITEPAGE to enjoy ethical working conditions that have not been experienced anywhere else.

We want every employee to feel listened to, valued and paid as they deserve.